About Judith Patterson

 Thank for reading my blog and taking time to learn more about who I am!  

I am wife to an amazing husband who supports everything I do, Stampin' Up! and otherwise.  He is always ready to help me in whatever way I need, especially with technology setup, furniture building, etc. He even added on to our house so I could have an amazing craft room!  He works hard so I can play with my stamps all day!  ;)

I'm also mom to two wonderful teenage daughters, who we have always homeschooled .  The oldest is now a sophomore in college, the youngest a senior in high school.  I have been blessed beyond measure with my family.  Not only is my husband super supportive, so are both of our girls.  They also help me all that they can, and are my best fans and cheer club.  They are always ready to proofread my blog posts, help with photography, and give me feedback when I'm creating. 

We live in Texas, on the same street I grew up on.  We live outside city limits, in what was country when I was a kid, but town feels much closer now and the suburbs are across the street.  My parents live right next to us, which is awesome.  Between us we have two horses, seven chickens, three chihuahuas, four cats and a sugar glider. 

Like so many moms, I started scrapbooking shortly after my oldest daughter was born.  A couple of years later, I discovered Stampin' Up! at a scrapbook event.  I'm going to be honest here...stamping did not come naturally to me.  The first time I stamped an image, it was uneven, too wet on one side, with an unfortunate border, and not inked enough on the other side. (I was trying to stamp a large leaf.)  The Stampin' Up! Demonstrator was frustrated with me and didn't want to take the time to tell me what I was doing wrong.  So, I got online and found another Demonstrator who would take the time to teach me. I was instantly hooked.  

Creating is not something that came naturally to me.  I am much more of an organizer (part of what I love about Stampin' Up! is organizing all the things!)  I love that Stampin' Up! makes creating easier.  I don't have to think about if colors coordinate, or what goes with what, Stampin' Up! does that for me.  Over time, of course, creating has become much easier for me and is something that I enjoy and am more confident in.  

Because of my early crafty-creative struggles, I truly enjoy teaching new crafters or those who, like me, think they are not naturally crafty!  It makes my day when others realize they too can be a crafter!  I love 'aha' moments when I show someone how to create something or teach a new technique.  Stampin' Up! is perfect for beginner crafters to avid crafters, and for more than just card making. 

Now that I am almost finished homeschooling my daughters, I have more time to devote to Stampin' Up! I am constantly learning more about stamping, creating, blogging, teaching, YouTube, Zoom etc.  Not only that, I am enjoying every minute! 

Please let me know if I can help you with your stamping projects!  Scrapbooking (pocket scrapbooks are awesome) and card making are what I do most, but I can also help you figure out 3D projects and some home decor.  I believe EVERYONE can be crafty and would love to help you, especially if you are struggling, as I was so many years ago. 

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