Thursday, December 23, 2021

Stampin' Up!'s Take Your Pick Tool ~ Ink & Inspiration Blog Hop

Welcome to the Ink  Inspiration Blog Hop.  You are currently visiting Judith Patterson from the USA.  This is my first time hopping with this group and I'm very excited to be included!

This month's theme is to share about our favorite product.  At first, I wasn't sure what to blog about, since my first thought was that EVERTHING Stampin' Up! has is my favorite product!  lol  Really, I like it all. A lot.
However, there is one tool that I use every time I stamp.  Okay, more than one tool.  But the one I chose to blog about is Stampin' Up!'s Take Your Pick Tool. I think this handy little device is often overlooked in the stamping world, but I sure don't want to go back to paper crafting without it. It is so versatile and helps with little things every time I create! 

The Take Your Pick Tool comes with three different ends, for a total of five tools.
I'll start with the tacky end, since it is the one I use most often.  This is end has a tacky putty that is perfect for picking up sequins, or any type of jewel, matte dot, or other small embellishment.  It's also great for picking up tiny pieces of cardstock.  Have you ever gotten a piece of lint or something small and unwanted on your project?  This end of the tool is perfect for getting those little things off.  Bonus: you can get refills this end, so you don't have to worry about running out of putty.

The other end that I use often is actually not pictured.  On the other side of the flat piece shown above, there is a pointed end.  I use this end for picking up Glue Dots or Stampin' Dimensionals and placing them in the perfect position on my card.  (It's also great for taking the backing off of Dimensionals)  Another great use for this end is to punch holes through cardstock for ribbon, twine, or brads.  (It's handy to have Stampin' Pierce Mat behind the cardstock when piercing.)  The final way I use this tip is to poke cardstock out of dies.

The flat end is great for slipping between two pieces of cardstock that have been attached together and you need to un-attach them.  I have to admit that I haven't used this end as often, but it's super handy when you need it. 

The final tip is a large and small stylus.  Which is great for all the things you need to use a stylus for, like scoring paper.  I admit, I don't use this one as much because I typically use the stylus in my Stampin' Scored Scoring Tool.  It is nice to have though!

But wait, there's more!  :)  You can also purchase (separately) the Take Your Pick Die Brush Tip.  It comes with two foam pads and the brush head.  This piece is great for those intricate dies that have lots of pieces to poke it.  Just place your cardstock on one of the foam pads and roll the brush tip over it a few times.  Voila!  Those tiny little pieces will come right out.  To use, remove the tacky tip and place the brush in its place.  When finished, you can switch them back.

Thanks for reading my post!  Don't forget to visit the other blogs listed below to learn about everyone else's favorite Stampin' Up! products!

Happy Stamping!